Gentle Giant is delighted to present its first ‘official’ live recording since 1976 “Playing the Fool Live”. Titled Gentle Giant Live at the Bicentennial, the recording was taken from a concert on July 3rd 1976 at the Calderone Theater, Hempstead, Long Island, which was broadcast for a local radio station. There are no overdubs or other enhancements on this very live recording. It features Gentle Giant unedited, uninhibited and unrepentant.
The concert features the best-remembered music from past recordings as well as rare songs from the album “Interview” which the band was supporting at that time. “Gentle Giant Live At The Bicentennial” 1976 is a 2-CD set release available everywhere from November 18th onwards on Alucard Music. Enjoy Gentle Giant Live at the Bicentennial!