carsthatnevermadeitPininfarina Fiat 600 Y Berlinetta 1961. Having failed to persuade any takers for their radical X concept (posted a few days ago) Pininfarina decided to recycle the ‘Aerodinamica’ design with a more conventional layout for the car’s wheels, based on the Fiat 600. It also appears to have lost it’s tail-fins at some point

Daevid Allen Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (CD) 
Unreleased mixes and versions. A ‘Camembert Eclectique’ job for Bananamoon. Stunning unreleased mixes and totally radical head-altering versions unheard for over 30 years. Robert Wyatt’s much more clear drumming is amazing. It does make you wonder whether the correct ‘final’ mix was sent to the pressing plant - they wouldn’t have got that wrong, would they?. With a 12 page annotated and illustrated booklet. Release date October 24

Cardiacs - Breakfast Line Pt 2 with glorious Om Riff - Nov 2007, Manchester

Robert Wyatt - Bristol Arnolfini 26/09/14
Here is a short clip from “An Audience with Robert Wyatt: In Conversation with Marcus O’Dair” at the Off the Page festival in Bristol last week, to mark the publication “Different Every Time: The Authorised Biography Of Robert Wyatt” written by Marcus O´Dair (Serpent Tail 2014).